Thomas Walter Edwin Sowter


On the death of the Reverend Mr. Robinson
Incumbent of Christ Church (1876-1882), Aylmer, Quebec
Died 12th December 1882

The builder's dead - the Greater Architect
Has quietly taken from his weary hand
The tools with which he labor'd to erect
A mansion in the land.

A house of prayer his Master's eye to greet 
Whene'er the season of His birth came round
For whom he strove his off'ring to complete 
In strength and beauty crown'd.

To see his labor finish'd had he cried
Into his Father who withheld the boon
His own prophetic words the wish denied
"It will be ended soon."

So thro' the portals that he did adorn
With glowing memories of his gentle worth
He pass'd a bright and quick'ning spirit shown 
Of all the ties of earth.

The level sun of winter glancing thro'
The Church windows wrapt him where he lay
And fill'd with tears the sobbing hearts that drew 
About his halow'd clay.

'Twas at the crossing of a bridge we met
The last on earth, there flow'd a stream beneath
Abound between the dead and living set
Below the bridge of death.

He look'd upon me such a look I felt
A sweet sad smile I never knew before
And now it seems to me that I had knelt
With him on that bright shore.

And heard the chorus of the heav'nly host
That shouted welcome from the golden throne
And there it seems to me that I am lost
Without him and alone.

We parted yet his face about me clings
With that sweet smile still ling'ring on his cheek
At times I hear the rush of Angel wings
And then I hear him speak.

He as of old the aching heart subdues
And rocks in love the closing eye to rest
His only off'ring to the world's abuse
A simple "God knows best."

A noble spirit now the dust of earth
Has fallen from his eyelids, and the light
Of heaven awakes him to the grand new birth
Beyond the bounds of night.

No more the suff'ring eye shall seek his face
Who in the walks of pity greatly trod
They bear him to his last long resting place
A Sacrifice to God.

Aylmer - December 17, 1882
from the poems of the 
late T.W.E. Sowter

Ce poème fut gracieusement partagé avec nous par  Lois et Brian Boucher d'Aylmer, Québec