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The ancient Egyptians built their pyramids, tombs, temples and palaces out of stone, the most durable of all building materials. Although earthquakes, wars and the forces of nature have taken their toll, the remains of Egypt's monumental architectural achievements are visible across the land, a tribute to the greatness of this civilization. These building projects took a high degree of architectural and engineering skill, and the organization of a large workforce consisting of highly trained craftsmen and labourers.

Avenue of sphinxes at Luxor; 
CMC PCD 2001-289-022 Temple at Abu Simbel; 
CMC S 97 10690;  
PCD 2001-272-063 Wall-painting, tomb of Rameses I;
CMC PCD 2001-304-078 Medinet Habu; 
CMC PCD 2001-287-063

Apart from the pyramids, Egyptian buildings were decorated with paintings, carved stone images, hieroglyphs and three-dimensional statues. The art tells the story of the pharaohs, the gods, the common people and the natural world of plants, birds and animals. The beauty and grandeur of these sites are beyond compare. How the ancient Egyptians were able to construct these massive structures using primitive tools is still a mystery.


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