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Luxor Temple

This temple is located a mile south of Karnak Temple. Karnak and Luxor temples were once joined by an avenue lined with two rows of human-headed stone sphinxes, guardians of the temple gates and the underworld. Today, the remains of this avenue can be seen outside the entrance to Luxor Temple.

Luxor temple; 
CMC PCD 2001-289-026 Pylon and statue of Rameses II; 
CMC PCD 2001-289-020 Sphinx; 
CMC PCD 2001-289-023

The temple stands on the site of a New Kingdom building commissioned by Amenhotep III in approximately 1380 B.C. A hundred years later, Rameses II added a great pylon gateway and an open courtyard. Unlike Karnak Temple, this temple was not enhanced by later pharaohs.

Luxor temple; 
CMC PCD 2001-288-081 Luxor temple; 
CMC PCD 2001-288-080 Colossi of Memnon; 
CMC PCD 2001-287-073

Since all the temples were built from an original design dictated by the gods, they have a similar look to them. For this reason, it is easy to confuse one temple with another.

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