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Myths are stories that become part of humanity's collective memory. They are said to represent the dreams of a society. It is possible to interpret them from a variety of perspectives to explain natural phenomena, such as how the earth was formed. At another level, they are a rich source of insights into society and human behaviour.

CMC S98-3544; 
PCD 2001-309-033

In this depiction of a myth, the Great Cat performs an heroic deed by killing Apophis, the evil snake. The snake symbolizes hostile forces that cause problems for the deceased during their journey to paradise.

Myths, particularly creation myths, have had a profound effect on ancient cultures. They form the foundation of religious beliefs that influenced all forms of cultural expression, as well as values and attitudes. Nowhere is this more true than in Egypt.

Myths are rich in symbolic meaning. Their settings may seem strange and their characters larger than life, but by learning to understand their meaning, we can unlock their secrets. Capable of amazing feats, such as changing shape, the characters in myths often represent aspects of human behaviour such as love and jealousy, or phenomena such as order and destruction.

The Creation Myth
The Divine Family

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