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Download the Teachers Guide (PDF format, below).

You will need the Acrobat® Reader. Use the Acrobat print icon to print an entire chapter. You may want to turn off headers and footers when printing to ensure you will have a copy capable of being reproduced for students.

This teacher's guide offers background information and ideas for classroom activities that complement the large format film, Mysteries of Egypt. The first chapter includes a synopsis of the film; the others focus on ancient Egypt and the amazing accomplishments of its civilization.

Each chapter contains topics for discussion and research, fact and activity sheets, and a mystery suggestion -- a question or statement that can be used to stimulate interest in the study of ancient Egypt. The fact and activity sheets can be photocopied for use by students.

This guide has been designed to supplement educational resources available on the World Wide Web and elsewhere. Teachers are encouraged to adapt the information and activities to suit the ages and interest of their students.

Cover - 194K
Contents - Table of contents and Introduction - 296K
Chapter 1 - Mysteries of Egypt, a large format Film - 320K
Chapter 2 - Geography and the Environment - 452K
Chapter 3 - The Ancient Egyptian Civilization - 305K
Chapter 4 - The Egyptian Religion and Creation Myth - 433K
Chapter 5 - The Divine Family: Osiris, Isis and Horus - 315K
Chapter 6 - The Egyptian Pantheon - 413K
Chapter 7 - The Journey to Eternity - 299K
Chapter 8 - Kings and Queens - 615K
Chapter 9 - The Royal Image - 405K
Chapter 10 - The Pyramids and the Great Sphinx at Giza - 334K
Chapter 11 - Tutankhamun and the Discovery of His Tomb - 395K
Chapter 12 - Daily Life in Ancient Egypt - 376K
Chapter 13 - The Sciences - 484K
Conclusion - The Legacy of Ancient Egypt - 114K
Appendix 1 - Activity Sheets - 6.7Mb
Appendix 2 - Glossary - 155K
Appendix 3 - Suggested Reading - 141K
Notes - 117K

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