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The original of the largest sphinx was carved in wood by Phil White (Canadian War Museum) and cast in styrofoam. Two rows of eight copies form a processional on the plaza of the Canadian Museum of Civilization to celebrate the exhibition Mysteries of Egypt. New 3D laser-scanning technology created a computer image from which positives were made, using stereo-lithography to create a thin skin. From the positive, rubber molds were formed and polyester cast reproductions created.

This is the first time museums have been able to work from an original and create three exact copies in three different sizes without the work of a model maker or in any way damaging the surface of the original.



T-shirt in black or navy, with an image of Tutankhamun's mask.

pillow - Hunting Birdspillow - Musicians



(Left) Classic scenes of daily life in ancient Egypt are painted on the walls of tombs in the Valley of the Nobles. This famous painting depicts the scribe Menna and his wife hunting birds on a papyrus skiff in the marshlands of the Nile. From the Tomb of Menna, 18th Dynasty. (1550-1319 B.C.)

(Right) Magnificent paintings of dancers and musicians are found in the tomb of Nakht, 18th Dynasty (1550-1319 B.C.) This scene depicts female musicians entertaining guests at a funerary banquet.


Silk Scarf           Silk Tie


The scarf and tie were jointly produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Designs are based on a mummy mask, ca. 1 A.D., from the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum (cat. no. 910.15.3).



EXCLUSIVE OFFER for visitors to the Mysteries of Egypt Web site! Not available through our regular CyberBoutique product listing.

The design of this two-piece casket, created by Nature Stones from an original by Phil White (Canadian War Museum), was inspired by motifs on Tutankhamun's coffin and sarcophagus. It is 12¾" long by 3¼" high by 4½" wide and made from polyester.

Available in black for $90. A very special 24-karat gold-plated edition can be custom-made upon request (may take up to a month to produce) at a cost of $285.

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