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Making Medicare: The History of Health Care in Canada, 1914–2007 has many bilingual, authoritative resources to help you with your lesson planning or homework. It is divided into two parts: the History and the Educational Lab.

Resources within the Making Medicare History

The History itself provides an overview of eight key periods in the development of medicare between 1914 and 2007. Within each period, discover the Key Players who influenced the development of medicare, use the Geography section to see how your home province or territory was doing, and learn about the economics of medicare in the Costs and Benefits section. Click on images to enlarge them and to find extra information. Click on highlighted names and terms for additional information.

In the Educational Lab, find curriculum-linked Lesson Plans, Webquests and other ideas for using this Web resource in your classroom. You can also find links to great resources beyond the Making Medicare History with information on the history of medicare and medicare today, and on doing research using primary and secondary Web-based materials. You can also find a Glossary.

Great Resources beyond the Making Medicare History

For information on the history of medicare and medicare today:

CBC Web site: The Birth of Medicare

  • includes television and radio clips
  • is linked to Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists Web site as a resource for Grade 12 history

Hansard Index

  • includes transcripts of many debates and questions related to medicare from 1994 onward
  • through the selection of Health Insurance (Medicare) from the Index, provides a list of debates related to medicare

Health Canada Web site

  • describes the current health care system, including the Canada Health Act
  • has a useful section on Commissions and Inquiries, with links to federal commissions on health care, including:
    • Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow Commission, 2001–2002)
    • Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology Study on the State of the Health Care System in Canada (Kirby Committee, 1999–2002)
    • National Forum on Health (1994–1997)
    • Health Services Review ’79 (1979–1980)
    • A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians (Lalonde Report, 1973–1974)
    • Royal Commission on Health Services (Hall Commission, 1961–1964)

McGill Institute for the Study of Canada: Public Health Insurance through History

  • shows chronology of the history of medicare
  • is bilingual
  • provides some images, including letters to doctors from patients unable to pay their medical bills, cartoons, photographs

Medicine through Time, a BBC Web site

Parliament of Canada Web site

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists: Medicare: A People’s Issue

  • focuses on the development of medicare in Saskatchewan
  • · offers a wealth of archival material, with newspaper cuttings, cartoons, insurance forms and other documents, as well as video clips

Use this valuable section of Making Medicare to find links to other medicare-related Web sites.

For information on doing research using primary and secondary Web-based materials:

Library and Archives Canada ToolKit

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