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Use the Educational Lab as you teach the history of medicare in Canada. Its many bilingual, authoritative resources will help you in preparing for lessons, whether you need classroom-ready Lesson Plans or want to create your own activities.

Start with the Resource Room to learn how Making Medicare: The History of Health Care in Canada, 1914–2007 is organized.

Use the menu on the right (TEACHERS) to find the pedagogical intent, learning objectives, and instructions for teacher preparation and procedures for Webquests and Lesson Plans, as well as Curriculum Links and links to additional Learning Activities and a Discussion Guide.

Use the menu on the left (STUDENTS) to find the student instructions for Webquests and Lesson Plans.

Try out one of these classroom-ready Webquests and Lesson Plans, or find suggestions for additional learning activities in Extra Activities:

Webquest: History of Medicare Exhibition
In this Webquest, students learn about the history of medicare by creating a Web-based exhibition aimed at high school students, and making a presentation to their class.

Webquest: Young Canada Future of Health Care Commission
In this Webquest, students learn about the issues facing medicare by formulating and presenting a submission to a fictitious Royal Commission.

Lesson Plan: Medicare Timeline
In this introduction to the history of medicare, students explore the Making Medicare Web resource, select key images and content from one of the eight time periods it covers, and, as a class, create a class timeline of key events.

Lesson Plan: Life before Medicare: An Oral History Project
In this Lesson Plan, students review pertinent sections of the Making Medicare Web resource, design an oral history project, interview someone who experienced “life before medicare” and present their findings to their class.

Lesson Plan: Making Medicare: The Creation of a Social Program
In this Lesson Plan, students learn about the Canadian legislative process by reviewing the steps required to introduce a bill in Parliament and make it into law, looking at the Medical Care Act of 1966, and researching and discussing the people who played a role in its creation.

Extra Activities: Learning Activities
Find suggestions for additional learning activities.

Extra Activities: Discussion Guide
Use these period-by-period questions to start a classroom discussion.

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