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Webquest: History of Medicare Exhibition

Pedagogical Intent
Students will learn about the history of medicare in Canada by searching the Web resource Making Medicare: The History of Health Care in Canada, 1914–2007, completing the History of Medicare Exhibition Webquest in small groups, creating a Web-based exhibition aimed at high school students, and making a presentation to the class. This activity introduces students to a useful source of information and builds on their knowledge of the history of social programs in Canada.

Grade: Grades 9 to 12; Quebec Secondary Cycle 2
Subjects: Social Studies, History, Civics, Language Arts, Arts Education
Themes: Twentieth-century Canadian history (in particular, major forces, persona and issues since 1900 and especially since 1945), history of social programs, social change, Canadian politics and government, Canadian citizenship and identity, connections between historical phenomena and contemporary life
Objectives and Competencies: Use and assess multiple sources of information, use information and communication technology, use oral communication, communicate appropriately; observe, describe, summarize, reason; use critical thinking and creativity; cooperate with and listen to others; develop research skills and methods of historical inquiry
Duration: 180–240 minutes

Web Resources

Required Technical Equipment

  • One computer with Internet access for each student or pair of students

Teacher Preparation
1. Make sure students have some knowledge on the subject of medicare in Canada. The Medicare Timeline Lesson Plan can be used as a good introduction.
2. Visit the Making Medicare History and familiarize yourself with its organization and components.
On the Timeline at the top of the Introduction page, choose a time period (for example, 1948 to 1958) and select the History section for that time period. Read the introduction to the History for the period. Choose Key Players to learn about individuals from the time period. Select Geography to find out about developments in specific provinces and territories. Click on Costs and Benefits to find out about the economic implications of medicare during the period. All images can be enlarged and are accompanied by text.
3. Familiarize yourself with the Student Introduction and Student Steps in the History of Medicare Exhibition Webquest.

Teacher Procedure
1. Introduce the History of Medicare Exhibition Webquest to your students.
Explain that they will be searching for information and images from the Web resource Making Medicare: The History of Health Care in Canada, 1914–2007, as well as other Web sites, to complete the Webquest.

2. Ask students to log onto the Internet and go to the History of Medicare Exhibition Webquest.
Students should follow the instructions found there. Explain the students’ task: in groups of four or five, students will familiarize themselves with the Making Medicare History and choose one aspect as an exhibition theme to be developed for presentation to the class. Direct your students to the Student Introduction and Student Steps related to this Webquest, and explain that all the information they need for the assignment, including links to the Making Medicare History, is accessible from those sections.

3. Give the groups time to complete their work. As needed, provide support to students as they gather their material.

4. Students present their Web-based exhibitions.
Once students have completed the Webquest, groups will present their Web-based exhibitions in the format of their choice. Assess each presentation for its appeal to teenagers and its accuracy.

5. Discuss the different approaches that were taken, and the different viewpoints that were expressed.
How did this Webquest affect students’ views of medicare? Ask them to discuss their impressions of the Web resource, and how they might use it for homework or other purposes.

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    Date Created: April 21, 2010