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Extra Activities

Learning Activities

Many activities can be created from the content in this resource. Use one of our complete Lesson Plans, or try one of the following suggestions.

Make an Analysis: Is Medicare Worth It?
Analyse statistics from Web resources listed in the Resource Room, or from the Canadian Institute of Health Information. Is medicare worth it?

Hold a Debate
Here are some statements for debate:

  • A mix of private and public systems is required to save medicare.
  • People should be able to pay for their own care if they want to jump the queue.
  • The five principles outlined in the 1984 Canada Health Act are outdated and need to be reformed.
  • To streamline the system and cut costs, all doctors should be put on salary and the fee-for-service system of pay should be ended.
  • Government should shift funding from medical care to preventive care.
  • Government should encourage alternative delivery of services, for example, community clinics and nurse practitioners.
  • Professional hockey players deserve faster access to treatment than other people.

Make a Splash Page
Individually or in small groups, students explore the Web resource for the most meaningful, representative and appealing images. Students create a splash page design, and select images and write text for their own splash page.

Make a Video
Students explore the Web site for the most meaningful images, or for images related to a specific theme that the class has brainstormed. Students copy images into a storyboard, select music for each image or group of images, write captions and, finally, play the video.

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