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This Web module is partly funded by Canadian Culture Online (CCO), an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage. One of CCO's objectives is to connect Canadians with their diverse heritage through a collaborative approach to presenting key collections online from Canada's federal, cultural heritage institutions.

Canadian Culture Online / Culture canadienne en ligne

Manon Guilbert

CCO Project Manager
Barbara Rottenberg

Team Leaders, Archives: Benoit Thériault, Patricia Forget

Christine St-Jacques, Cataloguer
Micheline Plante, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Nancy Lauzière, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Véronique Paris, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Colin Schalchta, Audio technician
Benoit Martineau, Assistant Archival Technician

Team Leader, Artifacts: Nathalie Guénette

Jillian Fraser, Assistant
Andreé-Anne Lacelle, Assistant Documentalist: Artifacts
Michelle Godin, Assistant Documentalist: Artifacts
Mayme Windle, Assistant Documentalist: Artifacts
Robyne Veinotte, Assistant Documentalist: Artifacts

Team Leader, Web Modules: Carol-Ina Trudel, David Harkness

Mylène Choquette, Assistant Documentalist: Multi-Media, Web Modules
David Harkness, Assistant Documentalist: Multi-Media, Web Modules
Jean René, Assistant Documentaliste: Multi-Media, Web Modules

System administration
Robert Patterson: KeEMu
Sarah Prower: GEAC

Web design and production
Imatics Inc.

Circle Media
Lab IdéeClic

Web administration and support
Stephen Alsford
Sandra Hammel

Digital Creations

We also wish to thank all those people who were involved in the earlier versions of this web module.
Stephen Augustine, Nancy Bacon, Morgan Baillargeon,Francine Danis, Ian Dyck, David Keenlyside, Geneviève Eustache, Maria von Finckenstein, Patricia Forget, Stacey Girling, Judy Hall, Andrea Laforet, Patricia Davis-Perkins, Nicholette Prince, Margot Reid, RCNM Web Design, Nadja Roby, Leslie Tepper, Judy Thompson, Judy Tomlin, Jonathan Wise